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 Colonel Michael Masters
“Kentucky Bourbon Master”

Colonel Michael Masters
Colonel Michael Masters, “Kentucky Bourbon Master”, is the most interesting man in Kentucky. He is the proprietor of Kentucky Bourbon House, the professor  of Kentucky Bourbon University and the author of Kentucky Story-blog.

Each Tuesday the Colonel, through Kentucky Story-blog, comments on Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey and the Like, posts a Kentucky cooking recipe and a short story adventure in his life.

Kentucky Story-blog over a course of two years will discuss 100 Kentucky Bourbon and Whiskey brands, publish 100 Kentucky recipes and publish 100 short stories written by the Colonel.  We hope this will be an absolutely unforgettable Kentucky experience for you.


Kentucky Bourbon House Tavern and Dinner Friday and Saturday:
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$ 30. Tax, gratuity and liquor are extra.
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Kentucky Bourbon University
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Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Makin’ and Sipping
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