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Call the Colonel for a Kentucky Bourbon Tasting,
a Cocktail or a Mint Julep. Dress comfortably. Our Cocktails and Mint Juleps are famous. The drinking lamp is lit when you arrive by Reservation Monday-Saturday. Reservations 502-507-8338

Value of the Kentucky Bourbon Tasting Event
 “When we present a Kentucky Bourbon Tasting at the Kentucky Bourbon House located at the Chapeze House Mansion we endeavor to make the time with our guests a unique and absolutely unforgettable Kentucky experience. When you drink Kentucky Bourbon you share in a hospitality tradition that has been revered in Kentucky and around the world for over two centuries.“—
Colonel Michael Masters, “Kentucky Bourbon Master”

The Colonel Featured on Paula Deen’s show
“Southern Barbeque”

Kentucky Bourbon Flight Tastings
with the Colonel

Build Your Own Flight:  Cocktails Priced by the Brand


Chapeze House-Kentucky Bourbon House

My guests to the Chapeze House-Kentucky Bourbon House come from across America and from around the world. They come to enjoy our wide selection of fine aged Kentucky Bourbon whiskey. Our guests like to sample rare and hard to find Bourbon emanating from every distillery in the commonwealth.  My view is that the trend toward drinking less but drinking better is the way to fly.

We offer thirteen flights of Kentucky Bourbon and Rye whiskey. The flights are popular with Bourbon tourists who like to try five Kentucky Bourbons or Rye whiskey for one set price. We have been featured on the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel and the Food Network. I even served Paula Deen a Mint Julep on her show. We make a number of excellent cocktails for those that enjoy a mixed drink. Our Mint Julep, Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Bourbon Sour are legend. We build a robust cocktail; all of our cocktails are doubles. We do not like weak men, weak women or weak cocktails.

The question I am asked most often refers to my favorite Bourbon. I never answer as to brand as I have friends at all of the distilleries. I like deeply charred 90 to 100 proof Bourbon aged from six to ten years. At this age and proof the taste of the Bourbon has a nice balance between the distilled sweet corn, the barrel charcoal, the barrel wood and the bite that I cherish.

Make your reservation for a Bourbon Tasting with me. I look forward to meeting you.
—Colonel Michael Masters, “Kentucky Bourbon Master”

Cocktail Bourbons

  • Buffalo Trace
  • Ridgemont Reserve 1792
  • Old Grand Dad 114
  • Old Charter
  • Old Forester Signature
  • Old Crow
  • Kentucky Tavern
  • Black Maple Hill
  • Corner Creek
  • Maker’s Mark
  • Marker’s Mark 46

Small Batch: $ 30

  • Knob Creek 100
  • Four Roses 100
  • Baker’s 107
  • Woodford Reserve
  • Basil Hayden


Single Barrel: $ 30

  • Four Roses
  • Henry McKenna 100
  • Eagle Rare
  • Evan Williams
  • Old Fitzgerald

Master Distiller’s Choice:  $ 30

  • Wathen’s
  • Elmer T. Lee
  • Elijah Craig 18
  • Russell’s Reserve
  • JIm Beam Black

Chapeze House Favorites: $ 30

  • Bernheim Wheat
  • Van Winkle 12
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed
  • Old Pogue
  • Corner Creek

Heaven Hill Estate: $ 30

  • Henry McKenna Single Barrel 100
  • Elijah Craig 18
  • Evan Williams
  • Old Fitzgerald
  • Bernheim Wheat Whiskey

Willett Estate: $ 35

  • Kentucky Vintage 90
  • Willett Pot Still
  • Rowan’s Creek
  • Vintage 94, 17 year
  • Pure Kentucky XO 107

Vintage: $ 40

  • Jefferson Reserve Very Old
  • Rock Hill
  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
  • Blanton’s
  • Booker’s 126

Colonel’s Pick: $ 45

  • Jefferson Reserve Very Old
  • Knob Creek 120
  • Noah’s Mill 114
  • Four Roses 2011
  • Old Rip Van Winkle 10 107

Wheated Bourbon: $ 40

  • Old Weller 10 107
  • Bernheim
  • Larceny
  • Jefferson
  • Old Fitzgerald 12

Smooth Bourbon: $30

  • Four Roses Single Barrel
  • Rowan’s Creek
  • Henry McKenna
  • Basil Hayden
  • Ezra B.

Certain Popular or Rare Brands Run-Out or Are Unavailable Due to Short Supply


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Call us at: 502-507-8338

Colonel Michael Masters, Kentucky Bourbon Master

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Kentucky Colonel Michael Masters,
“The Kentucky Bourbon Master”


Rosemary always gets smiles after her famous drinks.

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Colonel hard at work entertaining the ladies.


Guests enjoying cocktails on the porch.


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The Kentucky Bourbon House – Colonel’s Cottage Inns are comfortable accommodations for men, women or couples desiring a great place to stay while touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail or seeking a romantic getaway. 

Nothing could be nicer than a romantic stay at the Kentucky Bourbon House – Colonel’s Cottage Inns.

Enjoy a Mint Julip or Cocktail. We offer Bourbon University, Cocktail Mixology and Connoisseur Tasting, and open the bar by reservation.

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