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Historic Chapeze House, circa 1789 – 1803, a very early Federalist mansion, was built by Dr. Henri Chapeze, one of fourteen French army officers who came to America with Marquis de Lafayette, to join the American Continental Army commanded by General George Washington. After the Revolutionary War, Dr. Chapeze came to Bardstown to practice medicine. The good doctor became an immediate part of Bardstown history as he administered to the medical needs of Bardstown settlers and to the wounded that fell to pistol and sword in this pioneer dueling town.

Chapeze House is an important part of Kentucky Bourbon distilling history. The grandsons of Dr. Henri Chapeze, Ben and Adam Chapeze built the Chapeze Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky in 1867. The Chapeze Distillery tract is now owned by Jim Beam Brands and is adjacent to their distilling operation in Clermont. The Chapeze Distillery brand, Old Charter, distilled for over seven generations, remains a prominent Kentucky Bourbon brand and is one of the oldest continuously marketed Kentucky Bourbon brands in America. It is estimated that over a million barrels of Old Charter have been bottled.

So raise a glass to toast Ben and Adam Chapeze, early distillers in Kentucky and one of the few in the history of Kentucky Bourbon distilling to have a Civil War era Bourbon
on the world – wide market in the present day.

Then, finally as you leave, raise a toast to Kentucky Bourbon House and Chapeze House, “Kentucky’s Home for Bourbon” and the home of the Kentucky Bourbon Society. Chapeze House has stood as a sentinel to Kentucky’s pioneer past and to the Kentucky Bourbon distilling tradition for over 215 years and deserves the respect due its two centuries vigil.


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